The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980MX is a mobile graphic card it can be used on a laptop and tablet. NVIDIA’s GTX 980 is more powerful than 980MX. If you want to upgrade your old laptop, then it is perfect, but if you want to buy a new one or use your desktop, then we don’t recommend it.

The GTX 980MX is a high-performance graphics card from NVIDIA, based on the company’s Maxwell architecture. The card is designed for laptops and mobile that offer significantly improved performance over its predecessor, the GTX 880M.

Full Specs

Clock Speed:

  1. Base clock: 1050 MHz
  2. Boost clock: 1178 MHz
  3. Memory Speed: 1500 MHz (6 Gbps effective)


  1. Memory Size: 8GB
  2. Memory type: DDR5
  3. Memory bus: 256 bit
  4. Bandwidth: 192.0 GB/s

Rander config:

  1. Shading units: 1664
  2. TMUs: 104
  3. ROPs: 64
  4. SMM count: 13
  5. Level 1 caches: 48 KB (per SMM)
  6. Level 2 caches: 2 Mb

Theoratical Performance:

  1. Pixel rate: 75.39 GPixel/s
  2. Texture rate: 122.5 GTexel/s
  3. FP32 (float) performance: 3.920 TFLOPS
  4. FP64 (double) performance: 122.5 GFLOPS (1:32)

Graphic feature:

  1. DirectTx: 12(12_1)
  2. OpenGl: 4.6
  3. OpenCl: 3.0
  4. Vulkan: 1.3
  5. CUDA: 5.2
  6. Shader mode: 6.4

History of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980MX

The chipset first came out on June 1st, 2016, and is upon the GM204 graphics processor, which uses the manufacturing process of semiconductors that is 28 nanometres. The GPU version of 980MX is the N16EXX-A1, which comes with DirectX 12 support, allowing the chipset to run current games at high speed. It features OpenC1 3.0, OpenGL 4.6, CUDA 5.2, and Shader mode. By using PCle 3.0 x16, it connects with the system.

As 980MX doesn’t need any additional power connector like GTX 980. It uses the power of 148W with no connectivity for display because it is designed for only mobiles, tablets or laptops. It works by using an output from the host device.

As you know, the base clock speed and boosted clock speed are very important to know, so its base clock and the boost clock are 1050MHz and 1178MHz, respectively, with a memory clock speed of 1500MHz. And it uses GDDR5 VRAM technology with 8 GB dedicated memory, a 256-bit memory bus, and bandwidth of 192.0 GB/s.

Should I buy it?

We don’t recommend it, as it doesn’t have enough power to play any high-end game. It’s not even a graphics card for the computer but for mobile devices and laptops. This card is at the last stage of life and will likely be obsolete within the next few years. In addition, newer cards that receive firmware updates that last longer are priced at the same that the 980MX. If you’re in the market to upgrade your system, then choose that one that is last for a longer time.

GTX 980MX: Can You Run It in SLI?

You can’t run GTX 980MX; it is only used as a standalone laptop chipset. Furthermore, you can use GTX 980 M in tandem for running SLI. This chipset comes with dual 980M chipsets, which remain locked to SLI and allow the chips to be used together.

Final Thoughts:

The GTX 980MX is an old graphics card that is not worth buying. Better options on the market will provide better performance for the same price.