Namecheap vs Godaddy Which is Better For Beginners

Are you a beginner trying to decide between Namecheap and Godaddy for your website or domain name registration? You are not alone. Many first-time webmasters face the difficult decision of choosing the right domain registrar to meet their website goals. In this article, we will compare Namecheap and Godaddy to help you select the best provider for your needs. We’ll look at their features and pricing plans to determine which is better suited for beginners.

Domain Name Assistance

Both Namecheap and Godaddy® offer different domain name assistance to help you find the perfect name possible. One of the things you need to know about each site is how to find the domains you want. Neither offers advanced hailing functions or other fancy tools, but both have security measures in place to protect your account and personal information.

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Browse Namecheap Domains

Namecheap allows you to search by keyword, name servers, IDNs, etc. If you’re not sure what any of that means, don’t worry! You need to find a domain that sounds good and is available. Often, searching for ‘fishing’ will bring up multiple pages of results for all kinds of fishing types and items. After you’ve decided on a domain and found it available, you need to follow the simple steps to register your name.

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Register Your Domain Name with Godaddy

Just like searching for a domain name, registering is fairly easy as well. You go to the homepage and type in your desired domain name. If the site is available, you’ll be prompted to create an account for free. This website will ask for your personal information, payment details, contact info, etc. It’s smart to go ahead and fill everything out because then none of that information has to be entered again when you’re setting up something like a hosting account.

Domain Management Services

After you’ve found the excellent domain name and registered it, you’ll need to manage your website’s domain name. This can be done on each site’s dashboard or elsewhere, depending on the type of site you own and what features you’re using. One helpful feature is email forwarding, which can create a new email address for your domain. For example, if you have a ‘’ website, you can create an email forward that goes to [email protected] just by logging into both sites and changing some settings. Of course, you’ll also need to manage other aspects of your site’s hosting, such as the database and server IP address.

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Managing Your Domain Name

With hosting companies like Godaddy, you might be required to sign up for an account with them first before you’re able to purchase a domain name. This means that your website will be hosted on their servers, which can lead to some setbacks. For instance, sometimes, it’s hard to figure out how to manage the actual site from your Namecheap dashboard. You can still buy a domain name with an email plan, which adds another cost to hosting. It’s best if you don’t rely on having both services, or else it might be difficult to create or maintain your site.

Compare hosting between Godaddy and Namecheap.

Hosting a site can be a difficult job, but luckily there are reliable hosting plans to choose from. If you’re not sure which kind of hosting service is best for your domain name, it might be best to search for one that has the features that you need and then compare the pricing. It’s important to note that if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative than Godaddy, Namecheap is always an option.


Namecheap offers different domain names and web hosting services such as email management and PHP/MySQL databases. They also offer free domain registration and unlimited email aliases. The company offers three different types of hosting: managed, reseller, and VPS. All versions provide 1-click installs and cPanel for easy file management. You can even upgrade your hosting plan or migrate to another one by contacting the company for assistance.


Godaddy has similar services to Namecheap but also offers additional features like SSL certificates and email marketing tools. Their shared hosting plans are based on CPU usage, which will affect how much you pay each month, but they also offer more options and cheaper pricing for domains and website hosting. Their plans can cover a wide range of needs for any individual creating a personal site or an online store to sell products.

Both Namecheap and Godaddy offer reliable hosting plans that can benefit any website, but it’s your job to determine which hosting service will work best. Once you have done that, browsing for a domain name should be easy because you can type in keywords or even use the domain search tools found on both sites. With so many different plans to choose from based on features and pricing, one of these websites is sure to suit your needs. Make sure you check out each site and see which one’s the best option for your domain name.

Pro Namecheap

  • Affordable
  • User-Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Namecheap has Great Customer Service
  • Namecheap is a Trusted Domain Registrar
  • Namecheap has a Large Selection of Domain Names
  • Free Domain Privacy

Cons Namecheap

  • Sharing Hosting is Slow

Pro Godaddy

  • Customer Support
  • Website Builder
  • Easy-to-Use Tools

Cons Godaddy

  • Data Breching ( In the previous year, GoDaddy say unauthorized persons exposed over a million user data. )
  • No Free Domain Privacy
  • Pricey

Our Opinion

We have tried both Namecheap and GoDaddy for our web hosting, and we have to say that both are great options. However, we prefer Namecheap for their excellent customer service and, more importantly, their great prices and security.

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Video Guide

Customer Support

Namecheap has customer service available at any time of day, seven days a week. They have an email address, live chat option, phone number, and fax number to contact them with your questions. Namecheap Customer service agents are happy to answer any questions you may have about registering domain names or web hosting accounts.

Godaddy has a live chat available on their site to help customers troubleshoot issues installing apps, managing the website, or preparing for updates. You can also reach them at their 1-800 number or submit a ticket through their online form if you need further assistance with other hosting services.

Which Has the Better User interface

Namecheap has an excellent user interface for its site. It’s easy to navigate and offers all of the products that you need. You can also easily compare different hosting plans with Namecheap’s website to see which will work best for your needs.

Godaddy has a sleek design while still providing helpful content about its hosting services. This design makes it easier to find the product you’re looking for, but it also includes more features than Namecheap. Godaddy’s website is designed with their customers in mind by having videos about how to properly manage your domain name or web hosting account, making it easy for anyone who manages these tasks on a daily basis.

Both sites offer excellent customer service and updated websites with the latest information about their hosting services. They also provide domain name suggestions and site builder tools to help you create your website with ease.

Which provides better value for the price

One of the most cost-effective alternatives is Namecheap out there, with unlimited email aliases and web hosting available at a cost-effective rate. You can easily compare different plans and the features they offer to find the best one for you.

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Godaddy offers a wide range of hosting plans and domain names at competitive rates. Their prices are flexible so that customers who pay yearly always receive a discount, but their website is organized by product type instead of feature set. This makes it difficult to compare the different types of services offered on their site and often makes people leave to find a better option.

Both sites offer unlimited email aliases, storage space, and bandwidth, along with many other features. The prices for these services are also very affordable on either website. However, the user interface on each site may determine which one you choose as your hosting provider. Once you’ve found your perfect match, you can start browsing for that important domain name to suit your business.

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Price comparison

TLDGoDaddy newGoDaddy renewalNamecheap newNamecheap renewal

Final Words

Many new website owners might not realize that more than one domain name registration service to choose from. Godaddy is the most popular web hosting site, but Namecheap is also a viable option for those who want cheaper hosting plans. This article has outlined some of the benefits each site’s hosting services offers and how they compare with one another. We hope this useful guide helps you determine which type of host will work best for your needs, then finding a domain name will be easy.