12 Laptop Accessories to Consider for Your Setup

When you consider the differences between laptops and custom-built desktop computers, they are pretty clear.

Among these differences, it is inevitable that setting up a desktop computer takes a lot more time and space. Unlike a laptop, you cannot really use a desktop computer without certain accessories.

On the other hand, it does not mean that you should use a laptop without any accessories. If anything, there are plenty of great options out there, and it would be a waste not to consider at least some of them.

Below, you will find a list of 12 laptop accessories.


Let’s start with backpacks. Not necessarily one that you associate with laptops or computers, in general. However, if you are someone who travels a lot and has to carry your laptop, it makes sense to have a backpack, particularly when your laptop’s model is larger than average.

The type of backpack you want comes down to budget and preference. Some people go as far as spending a lot of money on well-known brands, whereas others are more pragmatic and look for quality over recognition.

What you want to focus on should probably be a backpack that is durable and spacious to fit your laptop in it. 

Source: https://www.nytimes.com

Portable Chargers

Portable chargers can be a life-saver when you cannot find an outlet to charge your laptop. Since these portable accessories are relatively small, you should not have problems fitting them in your bag.

Ideally, there should be an electrical outlet available to you. Or, at the very least, you should have the laptop’s battery up to 100 per cent before you leave. However, we know that cannot be the case.

From struggling to find outlets to encountering problems like battery drain on Mac or other types of laptops, you want to have a safety net, and a portable charger is exactly the way to get that safety net.

Lap Desks

Getting a lap desk might seem like not something you really need. After all, a laptop is usable on your lap by itself, so why would you need extra clunkiness from a lap desk?

Well, the purpose of a laptop is to make you feel more comfortable. Think of it as a small and dedicated desk for a laptop. You might find that holding a laptop this way feels more comfortable.

In case you have not tried a lap desk. First, we recommend checking some video reviews and seeing how they actually look. Doing so should give you a better idea of whether a lap desk is an accessory you would find useful.

Cooling Pads

Source: https://www.lifesavvy.com

Best Cooling pads are a great example of how a laptop accessory can make things much better for you, especially if you have a rather old laptop model.

The purpose of a cooling pad is in its name. If a laptop overheats it, you do not want to push the internal fans to their limit and give them some breathing room. A cooling pad comes in handy as it provides the laptop with fresh air to cool off the internal hardware.

Of course, it is worth noting that the root of the problem could be related to something like too much dust inside. If you let the filth accumulate inside your laptop, even a cooling pad will not be enough to stop it.

Ignoring the problem is certainly something you do not want. The more you delay, the more it evolves, and it will not be too long before you have to deal with serious internal hardware issues.

Since cooling pads are relatively cheap (they cost around 50 dollars), getting one should be a no-brainer. Combine this accessory with regularly removing the dust from inside the laptop, and you will not have to struggle hearing loud noises or feeling anxious due to the high temperature of the laptop.


Despite the fact that most laptops come with integrated webcams, you might still end up considering an internal webcam.

It is no secret that integrated webcams are not necessarily something you can rely on as far as video quality goes.

For example, you might be someone who streams, has to record video instructions, or teaches online. It is natural that you rely on a camera a lot, and poor video quality is detrimental to your profession.

Replacing, or rather improving the integrated laptop webcam, is a worthwhile consideration if you want to feel more confident about the video quality. And sure, some external webcams can be a tad bit expensive, but you can also research the market and find an option that suits your budget and still provides good video quality.

Laptop Stands

A laptop stand is great if you have an uncomfortable setup in the sense that adjusting the laptop’s height is hard despite having a desk.

Since you need to look into a laptop’s screen a lot, you want to place it in a way that is right for your eye level. Otherwise, it will not take too long before your eyes start hurting. Long sessions in front of a computer are already bad for you, and the situation becomes worse if you do not adjust the screen’s height properly.

A laptop stand is a neat accessory to have, and it does not take too much space, meaning that you do not have to worry about it occupying much of the room on your desk.

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves should be treated as a means of protection. It can be bothersome to put a laptop in and take it out every time. 

You do not have to do that, though. When you are using a laptop at home, leaving it on a desk is perfectly fine. 

It is when you have to take it with you on a trip or believe that a journey can cause some problems and potentially damage the device. 

Taking extra precautions is a good policy. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry, and if it means investing some money in a laptop sleeve, you should do it.

Screen Cleaners

Cleaning your screen is another thing that some people forget. The dust collects over time and leaving that on the screen creates a lacklustre user experience. 

The need to clean a laptop’s screen increases even more if you are someone who likes to eat or drink in front of the laptop while watching movies, TV shows, videos on YouTube, and so on.

Food particles and liquids get on the screen without you realizing it. A small cough is enough, and there might be some cases when you are not careful and mess up the screen accidentally.

A simple wet towel does not cut it. If you want to clean a laptop’s screen thoroughly, you have to use proper tools for it, and computer screen wipes and cleaners are a must.

USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are great if you want to transfer files to external storage and share them with someone else. Or you might have certain personal files that you want to keep not just on your laptop but on an external storage accessory as well.

Source: Google

External Hard Drives

External hard drives are similar to USB flash drives in what they offer. There are two notable differences, though. The first one is that an HDD is not as small as a USB flash drive, and the second is that you get access to more storage for the same or similar price.

HDDs are usually used to back up data. Combining them with backup software or simply copying the files from a laptop will offer you an extra safety net in the form of backed up data on an external hard drive.

Mice and Mouse Pads

Relying on a laptop’s trackpad is not ideal, to say the least. Some people are too fed up with even bothering and they do not hesitate to get a computer mouse.

If you are getting a mouse, though, you will also need a mouse pad. You can find both cheap and relatively expensive mouse pads and computer mice. The options are not limitless, but there are quite a few.

For those who play video games on their laptops, gaming mice and mouse pads could be an interesting idea. Brands like Razer and Steelseries have great options in their repertoire.


Keyboards are similar to mice and mouse pads. If you are not happy with typing on an integrated laptop keyboard, you should check one of the many available computer keyboards at your local store or in an online shop.

Membrane and mechanical keyboards are quite popular these days, particularly among those who have to type a lot. Having less strain on fingers is a neat feature of a keyboard, and that can be achieved by investing some money in this particular laptop accessory. 

You can even go for a wireless keyboard, but remember that you will need to charge it, which is a hassle since you need to do it regularly.