How to Activate Bluetooth on Dell Laptop

Many Dell laptops come with built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to easily connect wirelessly to devices like keyboards, mice, and speakers. Whether you’re a first-time user or looking for a refresher course on how to activate Bluetooth on Dell Laptop, this article will provide the information you need.

Turning Bluetooth on Dell Laptop

First, go to the “Settings” menu and look for “Wireless & Network Settings”. Once in this menu, select “Bluetooth” from the list of options and enable it. Depending on your version of Windows or the type of Dell laptop that you have, there might be an option for activating Bluetooth built into the hardware itself so make sure to check that as well.

Once Bluetooth is enabled, you can go ahead and pair a Bluetooth device to your Dell laptop. For example, if you want to pair a keyboard with your Dell laptop, go to the Settings menu and select Devices. From here, select Pair a device and follow the on-screen instructions.

Enable Bluetooth in BIOS Settings

First, you will need to power off your laptop and press F2 when the Dell logo appears on your device’s display. This will open the BIOS setup window where you will be able to access all configuration options available with your device. Once you are in the BIOS settings, scroll down to the System Configuration menu and select it. In this window, you will need to go to Advanced and then Bluetooth Support.

Download and Install Dell Bluetooth Drivers

With the correct drivers installed, users can easily connect their computers to compatible devices such as keyboards, headsets, printers and more. The process of downloading and installing the necessary drivers is incredibly simple and requires only a few minutes of time.

Step 1:

Installing the Windows 10 feature known as Swift Pair will enable you to connect your Bluetooth devices to your computer in the most up-to-date manner. To accomplish this, navigate to Settings, launch the Devices app, and choose Bluetooth and other devices from the list of available options. Mark the box that reads Show alerts to connect using Swift pair, and then click the button.

Step 2:

Switch on the Bluetooth and then select “ready to pair”.

Step 3:

Windows will inquire for your permission before continuing if this is the first time you have used Swift Pair. To proceed with the pairing process, select the Yes option.

Step 4:

Swift Pair will send you a notification that it has detected a device as soon as your device is within a range near enough to your laptop, which is often up to 3 feet (1 metre). To connect, click on “connect”.

Step 5:

There are some devices that will need you to enter a PIN for confirmation. After you have entered the PIN, the devices will automatically connect to one another.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Troubleshooting tips can be invaluable when it comes to resolving hardware and software problems on your Dell laptop. If you’re having trouble getting Bluetooth to work on your Dell laptop, these troubleshooting tips can help.

First, make sure that the Bluetooth feature is enabled in the BIOS settings on your laptop. This may require entering the BIOS setup menu during startup, so be sure to consult your laptop’s user manual for instructions on how to do this. Once you’ve verified that Bluetooth is enabled in BIOS settings, check if there are any pending Windows updates for your computer. Outdated drivers and system files can cause issues with Bluetooth connectivity, so make sure Windows is up-to-date before continuing further troubleshooting steps.


At the conclusion of this article, readers should be well-equipped to easily and successfully turn Bluetooth on their Dell laptops. With a few simple steps, one can quickly gain access to all the benefits that Bluetooth has to offer.