10 Best Webcam For Video Conferencing

With lots of people now turning to video conferencing for business or personal reasons, having the right webcam is essential. After all, this camera is going to be your face during any long-distance calls or meetings you take part in. Therefore, choosing the right one with features suited for your needs could make a big difference when it comes to delivering an effective presentation or conversation.

To ensure that you make the best decision possible when selecting a best webcam for video conferencing, we’ve put together a list of 10 top-notch options that are trusted and reliable choices. Check out our picks and find out which one will work best for your situation!

Does a high resolution ensure fine image quality?

A high resolution does not always guarantee good image quality. Image quality is determined by several factors, including resolution, file format, colour depth, and compression. When you purchase an image, you should always check the file size, format, and colour depth to ensure that you get a high-quality image.

Effective face tracking guarantees that the camera focuses on your face even if you move slightly within the picture. This is the benefit of effective autofocus.

Seek a camera with an integrated stereo or array microphone if you’re using a desktop PC or laptop with a poor-quality built-in microphone. If that’s your thing, this will greatly enhance the audio quality being recorded, providing you with better chats, calls, and broadcasts.

Buying Guide

A few factors are to consider when looking for the best webcam for video conferencing. The most important factor is the quality of the camera. The best webcams have high-resolution cameras that can produce clear images. The next thing to consider is the resolution of the webcam. Most webcams have resolutions of 720p or 1080p, but some offer 4K resolution.

Another important factor is the noise level of the webcam. Some webcams are very loud, which can be distracting during a video conference. It’s important to find a low noise level webcam, so everyone can hear what is being said.

The final factor to consider is the price. Some of the best webcams are expensive, but some lower-priced options offer good quality. It’s important to find a webcam that fits within your budget.

Here are five tips to help you select the perfect webcam

Consider your budget: 

Not all webcams are created equal. Some are cheaper, while others are more expensive. Before starting your search, consider how much you are willing to spend on a webcam. 

Look at the video resolution. 

A good video resolution can ensure that both parties involved in a conference have the clearest view of each other. You can purchase a webcam with 1,920 x 1,080 or 3,840 x 2160 resolution. 

Consider the frame rate. 

The frame rate is the number of frames per second. The higher the frame rate, the smoother your videos will be. 

Choose a webcam with a 180-degree field of view. 

A webcam with a 180-degree field of view captures video of what is happening in the surroundings and your face. This enables you to show your entire room and a comprehensive picture of your environment. It can also help enhance the quality of your video. 

Choose a webcam with autofocus. 

The integrated auto-focus feature lets you capture clear and crisp pictures of the subject in front of the camera lens while saving you from using too much effort.

Best Webcam For Video Conferencing at a Glance:

  1. Razer Kiyo: The best webcam under $100
  2. AVerMedia Cam: The best 4K webcam
  3. Logitech C922 Pro: The best low light capture
  4. Microsoft’s LifeCam: The 360° rotateable webcam
  5. Dell’s UltraSharp: The best webcam Under $200
  6. JABRA PanaCast: The best webcam
  7. Logitech C270 HD: 2nd budget option

Our Recommendation for the 10 Best Webcam For Video Conferencing

Razer Kiyo: The best webcam under $100

Razer Kiyo
Image credit: Amazon


Brand: Razer | Lens Type: Wide-Angle | Video Capture Resolution: 1080p | Video Capture Format: 1080p 60 fps


Best Streaming Camera

DSLR camera with an HDMI adapter

Good in low light


Ultrawide and SDR output are not good

The Razer Kiyo is a product that has been tested by me and designed to deliver uncompressed Full HD 1080p 60FPS video with superior low-light performance. The Adaptive Light Sensor automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of the image, while the HDR-enabled feature ensures that every detail is captured, even in the darkest scenes.

The unique feature of the Razer Kiyo is the adjustable FOV, which allows the customer to customize their viewing experience. The lightning-fast USB 3.0 connection ensures a powerful 5GB s camera signal, delivering smooth, lag-free streaming.

The Razer Kiyo is a camera designed for streamers. It is Streamlabs certified and works with popular platforms like OBS, XSplit, Twitch, YouTube, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype.

This makes the Razer Kiyo ideal for streaming and recording games, vlogging, and other creative content.

VIOFO 1080P: The best budget pick

Image credit: Amazon


Brand: VIOFO | Photo Sensor Technology: CMOS | Video Capture Resolution: 1080p | Connectivity Technology: USB


Easy to Install

Plastic Flap to Cover the Camera

Extraordinarily detailed


Flashing in Green Lights

The VIOFO A119 1080P webcam is perfect for capturing crystal clear video at FULL HD 1080P 30fps. Its 90 wide-angle lenses reduce dead angles and capture more of the scene. The camera body is 350 rotatable so that you can get the perfect shot every time. Even in a noisy environment, the built-in dual stereo microphones can capture clear and natural sound in rich stereo. This is great for when you need to record something while driving and there is a lot of noise around you.

The VIOFO 1080P camera is an excellent product for anyone looking for privacy and protection. The camera has a built-in privacy cover to prevent hackers from spying on you, and the lens is protected from fingerprints, scratches, and dirt. This ensures that your camera is always in good condition and functioning correctly.

The VIOFO 1080P is a high-resolution webcam that can be easily plugged into any computer with a USB port. It doesn’t require any additional software to be installed, so it’s effortless to use. The camera produces clear, high-quality images, perfect for online video chats or recording video footage.

It also features a tripod, which is excellent for stability, and the USB cable is 5.9 ft (1.8 meters) long, so you can keep your computer in a comfortable spot while using the webcam.

It is designed to work with Windows 7, 8, 10, and above, Mac OS 10.6, and Android 5.0 or higher version.

AVerMedia Cam: The best 4K webcam

Image credit: Amazon


Brand: AVerMedia | Lens Type: Wide-Angle | Video Capture Resolution: 4K | Video Capture Format: 1080p at either 30 or 60 fps


Extraordinarily Sharp Picture Quality

Best for Conferencing with friends and vlog

Best Wide Angle

4K video capture


Overheat on high settings

AVerMedia Cam 513 has been providing excellent 4k Ultra HD video capture for a while now. Upon testing, it gives the best results in 4K. Not only does it deliver crystal clear 1080p video at either 30 or 60 fps, but it can also do so at an impressive 30fps for 4k footage. This makes it perfect for capturing those fantastic memories in beautiful detail without lag or dropped frames.

The best 4K webcam is designed for gamers, live streamers, and vloggers who want to capture more of their backgrounds. It has a 94 field of view, which is twice the viewing angle of most webcams. This allows you to see more of the room and adds an extra level of immersion to your gaming or streaming.

The CamEngine Software by AVerMedia is a powerful video recording and live broadcasting tool. Its features include ePTZ, auto framing, and synchronising speakers’ movements to zoom in. This allows users to create professional-looking videos with ease. The software also makes it easy to share live broadcasts with others.

AVerMedia PW513

AVerMedia’s noise reduction technology ensures that your recordings are of the best quality by reducing ambient noise. This means you don’t have to worry about background noise obscuring your recording and can focus on getting the perfect take. Additionally, the omnidirectional stereo microphones provide superior sound quality, letting you capture every detail of your recording. The built-in microphones will deliver outstanding results, whether making a business presentation or recording a song.

Allowing easy and stable connection by using its USB 3.0. The 360-degree flexible swivel and threaded tripod support make it easy to position the device for the best recording angle. Finally, the built-in privacy shield helps to ensure that others do not capture your gameplay in the room.

This video conference camera is certified for Zoom and compatible with video collaboration platforms and mainstream streaming apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime.

Logitech C922 Pro: The best low light capture

Image credit: Amazon


Brand: Logitech | Image Stabilisation: Digital | Video Capture Resolution: 1080p | Video Capture Format: 1080P video at 30 frames per second or 720P at 60Fps


It has the Tripod

High-End Camera Quality

Auto Focus


Mechanical Adjustment

The Logitech C922 Pro is an excellent product for those who want to stream and record videos in high definition. The webcam can capture video at 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 frames per second. This ensures that the video quality is always smooth and precise.

The 1.5-meter cable length also gives users plenty of room to move around while streaming or recording. The webcam has a fully adjustable tabletop tripod with a swivel mount that makes it easy to get the perfect angle and extends up to 18.5 cm. You can use it with any size computer.

This webcam has features like HD Light Correction and Autofocus. This improves the image quality, and it can automatically focus on the person or object in the video. This is helpful because it ensures the image is clear and focused, making for a better video chat or recording.

This webcam is excellent for streaming and recording video because its two omnidirectional mics capture stereo audio from every angle. This ensures clear, no-drop streaming and recorded video.

This webcam comes with advanced capture software. This software makes it easy for customers to create and share video content. The webcam’s high-quality images and sound make it perfect for online video calling, streaming, and recording.

Microsoft’s LifeCam: The 360° rotateable webcam

Image credit: Amazon


Brand: Microsoft | Optical Sensor Technology: CMOS | Video Capture Resolution: 1080p | Video Capture Format: 1920 x 1080


Excellent Video Quality

This Camera is not Getting Detected


Overheat on high settings

Microsoft’s LifeCam is a webcam that uses CMOS sensor technology to achieve up to 30 frames per second. This high frame rate allows for seamless video chatting without choppiness or distortion. The 1920 x 1080 sensor resolution is also relatively high, resulting in sharp, clear 5 MP still images.

The Microsoft LifeCam is a high-fidelity microphone that provides more natural and detailed audio than traditional microphones. It will provide more accurate speech recognition for Skype and Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant.

The Microsoft LifeCam is a webcam that uses ClearFrame Technology to provide smooth, detailed videos. ClearFrame Technology also helps to reduce image noise and artifacts, making your video calls look brighter and more natural. The LifeCam also uses TrueColor Technology to correct color balance and make your skin look more lifelike.

Dell’s UltraSharp: The best webcam Under $200

Image credit: Amazon


Brand: Dell | Optical Sensor Technology: CMOS | Video Capture Resolution: 4K | Digital Zoom: 5x


Webcam Stand is good

Build quality is strong

AI automatically adjust and keeps your face in the center of the video


The Quality is not sharp

Heating issue

Dell’s UltraSharp webcam is designed for businesses and professionals who need to connect with clients or customers online. The webcam has a large 4K Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, which delivers stunning high dynamic range (HDR) video quality. This allows you to see all the details in both the bright and dark areas of the image, making it perfect for video conferencing or online meetings.

Dell UltraSharp 4K webcams are some of the most intelligent and advanced markets. They feature AI auto-framing, which always keeps the focus on what matters. This ensures that customers can always stay in the direction during their video chats and presentations.

Dell UltraSharp is designed to be effortless for your virtually borderless displays. The webcam magnetically attaches to the mount and sits above or below the display, depending on your preference. This sleek and innovative design saves desk space and makes it easy to capture video or photos easily.

This webcam is an excellent device for those who want to keep in touch with friends and family online. The webcam has three different fields of view settings, 65, 78, and 90 degrees, so you can choose how much of yourself and your surroundings you want to show. This is great for ensuring your privacy is protected or just getting a better view of the room you’re in.

JABRA PanaCast: The best webcam

JABRA PanaCast
Image credit: Amazon


Brand: JABRA | Lens Type: Wide-Angle | Video Capture Resolution: 1080p | Screen Size: 4 Centimetres


Jabra app gives you several additional options

External USB camera on my iMac

Clearly Make out a facial features/expressions


 No Software to control the camera to stay on at 180 degrees

The JABRA PanaCast is a unique video stitching product that creates a natural 180 view for huddle rooms. This enhances the experience for users by providing a more immersive environment. The Panoramic-4K video quality is impressive, making it an ideal choice for businesses. The Jabra PanaCast is a revolutionary product that uses three 13-megapixel cameras and patented real-time video stitching to give a full 180 view of the room. This allows for an immersive experience perfect for video conferencing, webinars, and more.

The Jabra PanaCast is an intelligent video collaboration system that automatically includes everyone in the conversation while ensuring a great video experience. The system uses the Intelligent Zoom feature to ensure that everyone is in the frame. This makes it easy for groups to collaborate and share ideas, regardless of their location. Vivid HDR provides a great video experience, even under varying lighting conditions. This makes it perfect for use in any setting, from boardrooms to classrooms.

Jabra PanaCast helps businesses by providing real-time data and information through their API. This helps companies be more efficient, as they can get the information they need quickly and easily. The PanaCast API is reliable and easy to use, making it a valuable tool for businesses.

Logitech C270 HD: 2nd budget option

Logitech C270 HD
Image credit: Amazon


Brand: Logitech | Optical sensor size: 1MP | Video Capture Resolution: 720p | Optical Zoom: 20x


Plug and play

Crisp Clear Picture

Quickly installed


The camera sits very proudly

The Logitech C270 HD webcam is perfect for online video chats with friends and family. It has a 720p resolution and 30fps frame rate, so you can be sure your video looks good even when chatting with someone on the other side. The lens with a 60-degree field of view covers all of the action, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. The wide-angle lens captures more of the scene, and the built-in HD light correction ensures that your image looks good even in low light conditions.

Plus, the camera has a noise-reducing mic which helps reduce background noise and makes conversation easier even in busy surroundings. In addition, the C270 can stream over wifi which is great for people who want to live stream or record video content. It can be clipped onto the screen or work as a stand on a shelf or desk. The clip mounts at different angles, making it easy to use for other people.

This web camera is compatible with Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS 10.10 or later, and Chrome OS via the USB port. This camera can be used for video calling, streaming, or taking pictures. The camera is easy to use with a one-touch operation and can be attached to a monitor or laptop with a clip.

Razer Kiyo: The best webcam under $100
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AVerMedia Cam: The best 4K webcam
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Logitech C922 Pro: The best low light capture
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Microsoft's LifeCam: The 360° rotateable webcam
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Dell's UltraSharp: The best webcam Under $200
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JABRA PanaCast: The best webcam
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Logitech C270 HD: 2nd budget option
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Our Opinion

We tested and reviewed the best webcam for video conferencing. We found that the Logitech C922 was the best webcam for video conferencing. It has excellent features, such as HD 1080p video calling, autofocus, a built-in mic with noise reduction, and automatic low-light correction. It is also very easy to use, with a simple plug-and-play setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a webcam and a conference camera?

A webcam and a conference camera are both types of cameras that are used for video communication, but there are some key differences between the two.
A webcam is a small, portable camera that is typically built into a computer or laptop, and is used for video chatting or streaming. Webcams are designed for personal use, and are generally not suitable for professional or business applications. They tend to be lower quality than conference cameras, with lower resolution and fewer features.
On the other hand, a conference camera is a specialized camera that is designed for use in professional or business settings, such as meetings, conferences, and webinars. Conference cameras are typically larger and more complex than webcams, and offer a wide range of advanced features, such as high resolution, pan and zoom, and multiple microphone and speaker options.

Which is better webcam or laptop camera?

The main advantage of using a laptop camera is convenience and portability. Laptop cameras are built into the device, so they are always available whenever the laptop is being used. This can be especially useful for people who are always on the go and need a quick and easy way to participate in video meetings or chats. Laptop cameras are also generally less expensive than webcams, which can be a major factor for some users.


In conclusion, the best webcam for video conferencing is the Logitech C922 because it is affordable, has great features, and is compatible with various devices. If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality webcam, the Logitech C922 is the perfect option.