What is the best time to buy a graphic card?

This article covers the best time to buy a graphic card based on market trends. According to 3DCenter, graphics card pricing has recently dropped by a very significant margin. Both Nvidia and AMD GPUs are at their recorded low, and cards could sell at MSRP as soon as it’s within a few months. So, is the appropriate time for you to get that RTX 3080 you were salivating over?

There’s still quite a bit to be said about the high price of graphics hardware. Data gathered from 3DCenter reveals that NVIDIA RTX 3000 GPUs are priced at 41% above manufacturer recommendations, whereas RX 6000 AMD card offers are 35% higher than their MSRP.

When will graphics card prices drop?

There is no precise answer to this question as the best time to buy a graphic card depends on various factors. However, certain times of the year may be better than others in terms of getting a good deal on a quality card.

For example, late summer and early fall are typically when new models of cards are released, so you may be able to find last year’s models at a discounted price then. Conversely, if you need a specific card for a new game or other software that’s just come out, you may have to pay the total price or even wait for a sale. Ultimately, it’s essential to do your research and compare prices before making any purchase.

Nvidia GPU pricing trend 2021 to 2022

Rather than the same price, Nvidia GPUs are much pricier than AMD ones, selling for approximately 20 percent more on top of that average. Nvidia GPUs can be found in stores now and are in high demand, resulting in reduced costs on the secondhand market.

The RTX 3080 was selling for around 149 percent above the list price in January 2022, but it dropped to only around 105 percent above the list price in March (which was still considerably above the list price at the time). 

Nvidia GPU pricing trend

The fall in the price of RX 6000 GPUs is evident in the chart above. GPU prices have remained at a stabilized level, with few exceptions. Famous cards like RX 6800 XT typically sell above list price, but a few are on the market if you practice a little patience.

Should I buy a new GPU nowadays or later?

Some people advise you to wait to purchase a new GPU at the start of the year, but we recommend that you purchase a new GPU. Now is a great time to purchase a new GPU, as the cards have mostly returned to their retail price and are mostly in stock at retailers. Next-generation cards are also coming, so you may want to wait if you desire the best performance.

Nvidia will likely present its RTX 40-series graphics cards in the fall, and AMD will soon follow with its RX 7000 graphics cards. Predicting how these graphic cards will ultimately affect prices is hard, but we see them pushing yesterday’s rates down. If you’re in the market for a GPU upgrade, this seems to be an ideal time to jump into a shootout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are GPUs so hard to find?

The global pandemic has created a shortage of many things, from hand sanitizers to toilet paper. But it has also become challenging to find an unexpected item: GPUs. Graphics processing units are the heart of any gaming PC, and with more people working from home and looking for ways to entertain themselves than ever before, the demand for GPUs is skyrocketing. A few companies can manufacture GPUs, but they cannot keep up with sudden increases in order.

What factors should be considered when buying a graphic card?

Many factors must be kept in mind when buying a new graphics card. 
Budget, Performance, and compatibility.

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